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About the Idiot

The idiot is a stick figure. First discovered in 1991, the idiot has lived in relative obscurity. Idiots come from planet idiot. Idiots can be identified by several distinguishing characteristics. First, idiots have two dots for eyes, no nose and are usually smiling. They have three stalks of hair coming out of a point on the top of their head.
The most notible trait of the idiot is the lack of arms usually found on stick figures. Beware of imitations and counterfeit idiots. Idiots do not have arms. Idiots are drawn with curved or straight lines but not wiggly lines. They are also full of wonder and stuff.
Idiots are not to be confused with morons. Morons have arms, and ridges around their eyes. They are drawn with wiggly lines and have a mess of hair on top of their head. They are similar to idiots, but not exactly the same. Idiots talk with a soft, high voice, usually saying things like "ooh!" "hey!" and "ow don't do that!" Morons are more spastic and kind of make weird harsh, yelling and screaming noises.

The idiot first appeared on the Internet in 1996 when the game "Idiot Fighter" was released onto the Aminet. Idiot Fighter was created in 1993 on the Commodore Amiga using the game programming language, AMOS. It is still available for download if you are into that sort of thing.

Most recently, the idiot and moron have made appearances in the perpetually-under-development game, "Super Moron Idiot" available for the PC from this website.